Broken Images

Brian Fargo, interviewed by Through the Aftermath:

I like to include things that have nothing to do with moving the plot point forward. I think films, sometimes, they’re so fixated on that […] You’re going to run into stuff in [Wasteland 1 & 2] that has nothing to do with winning the game. But it’s out there. [In Wasteland] there was always this sense where you would scratch the surface, and the world just kept getting deeper.

I love the way games do this, and not just because it defies a grating cinematic convention. There is a place for aesthetic restraint and economy of information, but for me, the medium is often at its best amid a welter of data, burying Chekov’s gun under layers of filth and detritus. This is a formal gesture as well as an aesthetic one: mess and complexity create nuance of choice and interpretation.