Bears Repeating

Objectively, videogames are built with metals mined by slaves in countries marked by endless civil war. Those metals are refined by exploited labourers working in unsafe conditions and encased in plastics that poison ecosystems and contribute to an over-reliance on fossil fuels. They are developed by armadas of overworked temps conditioned to lay-offs after every project. Games foster addiction until they are discarded to repeat the cycle of waste and spending. Videogames are marketed as masculine power fantasies to an increasingly hostile homogeneous group of insecure men and, when criticized, the monied few that truly benefit from the industry retreat into dismissive irreverence. Objectively speaking, videogames are evil. The only reason they are worth spending any time on is that they might bring joy and encourage thought, and neither of those virtues necessitate the evils that currently define their culture. None of that is necessary. Gamers aren’t necessary.

(Mark Filipowich)